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Today I’ll talk about some things to do in Paris, and in particular, about some good places to better enjoy some great romantic moments and take some nice sunset pictures.

Paris is a such an interesting capital….you can easily fall in love with it if you are a romantic tourist. Getting a beautiful view of the city at sunset is quite easy wherever you are….

There is something special in this city, everything looks big and perfectly represents the French grandeur….. The picture at the beginning of this article has been taken from the terrace of Notre Dame cathedral where the famous Gargoyles statues lie….

let’s have a look at what to do in Paris, regarding in particular some valid panoramic points from where you can better enjoy your time and a romantic sunset

Watching people at sunset from a typical Paris cafe'

Watching people at sunset from a typical Paris cafe’


  • Seine river banks: there are 2 panoramic banks of the Seine river which offer a nice place to sit down a little bit, look around and relax, especially in the area of the Ile de La Cite’, where the Saint Chapel and the Notre Dame cathedral lie. People and tourists here are very accustomed in sitting and relaxing, because everything is very clear and well kept. just buy an ice cream if it’s summer, sit down, relax, enjoy the sun setting and Bateau Mouges going back and forth along the Seine
  • Climb on top of NotreDame: you can climb on top of the NotreDame to see the Gargoyles on the terrace and have a wide view of the city. If you get here don’t forget to stay in queue at least 2 hours before the ending time of visits….they close early and they can even close the door in front of you when it’s almost your turn…The atmosphere here is impressive….Gargoyles seem to protect Paris like real guardians….The entrance is just on the left side of the cathedral, at the base of the left tower…Probably, this is the best sunset view of the entire city
  • Pont Neuf and other bridges: another great idea is to watch the Eiffel tower or the silhouette of the pinnacles of the Concergerie building from the bridges of Ile De la Cite’, or from Pont Neuf for example
  • Relax on Ile De St Louis: when you finish with Gargoyles and get down again, it’s a good idea to relax on the north bank of Seine in the Isle the St. Louis as you can see in the picture below…you can watch bateaou mouge boats going back and forth, the sun shining through the trees, and the Notre Dame bells filling the air with such a smooth and sweet sound……




  • Sitting in a Paris Cafe’: Another nice thing to do is sitting in a Paris cafe’, with those typical seats facing the street, and looking at people walking around to catch a nice portrait with your camera…..at sunset, it’s even more romantic
  • Arc de Triomphe: you can climb on top of Arch Du Triomphe to visit the museum, which offers the opportunity to go outside in the terrace to get a 360 panoramic view over the city and a nice look over the Champs Elysees and the district of La Defense full of modern buildings…..you can even see the Eiffel tower of course
  • Montparnasse Tower: lastly, as you can imagine lot of people like to climb over the Eiffel tower, but, why not, as an alternative, another interesting spot could be the Montparnasse skyscraper, from which, by reaching its terrace, you can have another great view over the city at sunset, with the Eiffel tower in front of you

Thanks for reading!

Paris seen from Arc De Triomphe terrace at sunset

Paris seen from Arc De Triomphe terrace at sunset

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