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Visit Scotland: my list of best castles and places

In this article, today i’ll give a list of my most favourite Scotland castles and places to photographs to organize a great trips in Scotland.

Scotland, view of the old man of storr on the isle of skye

Scotland, view of the old man of storr on the isle of skye

DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case the absence of errors or the freshness of the informations reported. For this reason he strictly invites any reader to also search for more informations about the same arguments inside other external sources, and to report any eventual mistake to the author through the Contact page on this website. In any case the author will not be responsible for any action committed by anyone following the reading of the informations reported inside this article


Scotland is popular for many attractions, among which we have:

  • Whiskey distilleries, situated in particular in the Aberdeenshire, in the north east of Highlands
  • Many ancient castles, situated along the entire country territory.

  • Monster of Lochness, which, although being just a legend and really the last thing to evaluate on your plans, it’s still among the main reasons for some to visit this country, especially families with kids
  • The bagpipe and kilt, the typical knee lenght garment, considered as a dress for men and boys, accompanied by the typical scottish musical instrument
  • Highlands, with some great landscapes sceneries, among which the Isle of Skye
  • Destroyed abbeys along the boundary with England
  • Of course the main city, Edinburgh

In this article i will focus on the Isle of Skye, some particular castles, and Melrose abbey, one of the old destroyed abbeys of the Low Lands



These are some places i suggest to visit if you will spend a couple of days in the Isle of Skye

  • Trekking in the Old Man of Storr: probably the best moment of my Scottish trip…..we got on top of the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye….this is the exact location where Ridley Scott filmed one of the very first scenes of his movie “Prometheus”…….It’s the strange and curious pencil shaped stone that you can reach by following a trekking path which begins from a car parking area situated along the main road of the isle, some miles north of Portree. At the beginning we walked through a dark wood which suddenly left the space to a wide grassland which led us to the top. It’s a little heaven and if the weather is quite good it’s really worth to come here.

More exactely, after leaving Portree toward north, after some miles, there will be a lake on the right. When it was finished, we found a car park on the left. We left the car there and went on foot on top of the mountain. The path began in a very dark wood, which suddenly revealed wide emerald green grasslands and silver stones everywhere. From the top of it the view was awesome

There’s also an alternative and famous trekking path which is known as the Quirang

It’s a very easy trekking path in the end. We did it with common trekking shoes, without any strange cloth or equipment. We only checked the weather before coming here, to ensure it would have been sunny

Scotland, view of the portree harbour during early morning on the isle of skye

Scotland, view of the portree harbour during early morning on the isle of skye

  • Portree: such a pleasant harbour, Portree is the main city of the beautiful Isle of Skye. You can use it to have a rest or eat something nice like the typical Haggis or some good fish and chips, or soups. There is a small pleasant harbour surrounded by the green of the highlands mountain. Thanks to a partial cloudy sky, i got some nice colors and water reflections. Portree is in the very heart of the Isle of Skye and i would suggest to visit it for lunch or dinner time. It’s also useful if you want to spend more than a day in the Isle of Skye and you need a close place to stay after visiting the Old Man of Storr
  • Kilt Rocks waterfalls: they are situated some miles north of Portree and their particularity is that they fall directly into the sea. You can enjoy them from a wide terrace from which you can see the entire cliff of the coast


It’s time to talk about some beautiful ancient castles of Scotland, 4 of them in particular that i really liked

Scotland view at sunset of the Eilean Donan medieval castle

  • Eilean Donan at sunset: this castle is situated along the road to the Isle of Skye….You get here by running along a road which takes you over a wide desolated valley…after a while, the valley reveals the sea, the loch, and this beautiful castle like a magic spell….especially when the sky is partially cloudy, you can get some gloomy colors during the sunset. This castle has become popular thanks also to the movie Highlander where it appears during the first scenes

Scotland view of the Urquhart castle on the famous Loch ness during late afternoon

Scotland view of the Urquhart castle on the famous Loch ness during late afternoon

  • Urquhart castle:  Urquhart is popular thanks to the legend of the monster of Lochness. It doesn’t worth to spend words for this legend, nor it doesn’t worth to visit this place for the monster. What you get it’s just a quiet loch with a shop full of toys. Instead, a very nice reason to come here is the dark atmosphere this castle can offer. We arrived here just some minutes before the ticket office was closing. There was noone anymore inside except us. One of the few times i liked to see a cloudy sky. We got catapulted back in the past and the silence was penetrating inside our heads every second more.  Here is another story of a visit of Urquhart castle


Scotland mediaval castle of Kilchurn situated on the Loch Awe, west of Scotland....

Scotland mediaval castle of Kilchurn situated on the Loch Awe, west of Scotland….

  • Kilchurn castle:  Kilchurn has been for me one of the most immersive castles. When we arrived, we approached the castle by walking along a grassland. Noone was around, and it seemed like we were coming back home like real medieval knights. In just a hour we saw the weather changing many times. From the top we admired a nice panorama of the Loch Awe, and finally, after exiting, we proceeded south of the main road to enjoy a last view of the castle surrounded by the loch
This is Kilchurn Castle in Scotland, north of Glasgow, in Loch Awe....you have to visit it without doubt...is ancient, is lonely, is romantic...is scottish

This is Kilchurn Castle in Scotland, north of Glasgow, in Loch Awe….you have to visit it without doubt…is ancient, is lonely, is romantic…is scottish

  • Dunnotar Castle: after visiting the Granith city, Aberdeen, just some kilometers south, close to Stonehaven, you can find this beautiful castle. The foot path which took us on top of Dunnottar went down and up, and
    it was breathtaking….From here we admired the entire coast which presented some sort of irish cliffs in miniature all around..I suggest to visit this castle during the sunrise, considering that it faces the east direction

From Edinburgh you can get here by following the panoramic road A93 which takes you to Aberdeen, or by passing along the east coast through the city of Dundee

Scotland and the Dunnotar castle on the east coast, in area of Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen

Scotland and the Dunnotar castle on the east coast, in area of Stonehaven, just south of Aberdeen

  • Melrose abbey: This beautiful abbey is partially destroyed and it’s very special thanks to its rare pink tone. All around there was an old cemetery where we could have a walk surrounded by an ancient atmosphere…Melrose is situated about 60 km from Edinburgh and with a car it’s quite easy to reach. After visiting it, it is possible to spend the rest of the day by visiting the Rosslyn chapel and the Jedburgh abbey for example, both close to it. Here it is possible to read another short story about the visit of Melrose abbey

The entrance wasn’t free and there was also an opening time to follow. Just refer to the official website to gather more informations

Scotland, view of the Melrose abbey during midday

Scotland, view of the Melrose abbey during midday


Thanks for reading!


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