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Las Vegas: 5 alternative good reasons to visit this city

Today I talk about 5 good reasons to visit Las Vegas, which are not related to the usual idea of the Casinos, like for example visiting the Grand Canyon.

The hotel New York New York in Las Vegas with a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty

DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case the absence of errors or the freshness of the informations reported. For this reason he strictly invites any reader to also search for more informations about the same arguments inside other external sources, and to report any eventual mistake to the author through the Contact page on this website. In any case the author will not be responsible for any action committed by anyone following the reading of the informations reported inside this article

In this place the main rule is, everything is fictional….Statue of Liberty of New York, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Venice in Italy, the Sphinx of Egypt and so on….this is just a short list of the strange and curious things situated here….The goal of this city is to make people feel they are traveling around the world on foot!


Coming in Las Vegas to play with slot machines and staying inside casinos it’s a nice way to lose your time. If that’s the case i can only recommend to save the money for the flight and subscribe to a casino’ website 

Bellagio hotel, famous for its fountains dancing at music rythm

Bellagio hotel, famous for its fountains dancing at music rythm

I’ve found casinos in Las Vegas to be awful, many of them lacked of elegance, and their slot machines were not so different from those i usually find in the bar next to my house. Honestly, this place can offer something more interesting. It’s full of life, colors, strange people and attractions

In particular, the city offers a nice amount of exhibitions, and a long list of strange hotels, each of them adopting a precise theme. For example, the Luxor hotel tries to reproduce the atmosphere of Egypt, while the Caesar palace tries to reproduce that of the Roman empire. Most of them are situated altogheter along the main street which is commonly known as the Las Vegas South Boulevard, or shortly as the Las Vegas Strip, and they can also be visited inside without booking any room just to enjoy the main hall



Along the Strip there’s a reproduction of Venice inside a big warehouse. Once inside there are different typical aspects of the real counterpart, like narrow water channels, gondolas, and typical houses. There is even a big fictional painted sky full of clouds (as you can see from one of my picture) like you were in a real outdoor place, and finally, outside the warehouse there is a reproduction of the bell tower of Saint Mark church

Inside the warehouse there were some cafes with tables inside and outside the reproduction of a Venice square…..there’s a little problem then…….since this is a warehouse, outside is still inside….ehm….sounds weird isn’t it?

Two guys imitating Elvis Prisley on the Strip boulevard

Two guys imitating Elvis Prisley on the Strip boulevard

Another thing I recommend is to simply walk back and forth along the Strip without entering inside any place. It’s full of curious people and great buildings and often even odd cars and motorcycles


The prices of hotels in Las Vegas were very affordable during my trip and for few bucks i got an impressive wide 4/5 stars rooms. It’s just a question of taste. I can’t forget how much big and luxurious rooms were respect to their cheap price. We booked a 5 stars suite, quite big to host 4 ping pong tables, which included a kitchen, a jacuzzi, and even an lcd screen inside the bathroom…yes, inside the bathroom, just to watch tv while you were washing your teeth….everything for less than 100€ per night

Eiffel tower reproduction of Las Vegas

Eiffel tower reproduction along the Las Vegas boulevard South (aka Las Vegas Strip)


If you have a couple of days more, i recommend to rent a car and get to this enchanted nature wonder. It’s quite affordable from Las Vegas.

There are many options to do it:

  • Book a daily bus tour: It requires around 4 hours to arrive and 4 to come back. I personally don’t like this tour because you will arrive there in the middle of the day, and i don’t know if they allow people to see the sunset (it’s good to ask first). Anyway, for sure the sunrise will not be visible, and for me, it’s a great moment instead to visit the Grand Canyon. Moreover, I think that it deserves at least a couple of days. It’s one of those places you probably visit once in a lifetime. I don’t see any sense in getting there and coming back in just one day. I also can’t imagine how tired i would be to do it in this way
  • 2/3 days tour with rented car: i did it with a rented car. I arrived there in the afternoon without any hurry, and i was able to enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise of the days after. Then, the last day, i had all the time to come back in Las Vegas without doing it in a rash
  • Flight from Las Vegas: I could eventually choose among helicopters or small airplanes daily tours (although i’m not sure if helicopters depart from Las Vegas airport as well, since there’s also a closer airport to Grand Canyon). If you choose the airplane option, i’ve heard from some people that pilots tend to fly at very low altitude. If you suffer a little bit of airsickness it could be a problem. Furthermore, you will miss the silence of the atmosphere, an important aspect for me, and it will be more complicated to take pictures due to the dirty windows

Concluding, I think the best option would the 2/3 days tour with a private rented car


Death Valley is another excursion quite close to Las Vegas. As for Grand Canyon, for my taste is better to get there with a rented car to enjoy the solitude of the place. It’s a very extended valley surrounded by the desert. Among the entire area there are some interesting spots, each one characterized by something special

Respect to Grand Canyon, this place is more dangerous, especially in summer when the temperatures are very hot. It’s important to check the official website to carefully plan the visit


Picture copyright by Tom Babich (CC license)

Picture copyright by Tom Babich (used under Common Creative license)

Here is a brief list of some interesting spots:

  • Dante’s View: it’s a wide panoramic spot from which you can enjoy a wide aerial view of almost the entire valley
  • Zabriskie Point: a famous background of some movies, with golden and pinky mountains called Manly Beacon
  • Artist’s Palette: a wide view over a series of differently coloured mountains due to the oxidation of some chemical elements like iron and copper
  • Devil’s Golf Court: a very wide and extended plainland full of dry salt, very impressive to see. Try to imaging to play Golf here!

For a more extended list of interesting points, visit this link:


Grand Canyon at sunrise seen from South Kaibab trail

Grand Canyon at sunrise seen from South Kaibab trail


Whatever you decide to do, playing slot machines in Las Vegas is just the beginning…there’s really more to do, Grand Canyon included…..

Thanks for reading!


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