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Budapest: 5 good reasons to visit this city


Today i’ll talk about 5 great reasons to book a flight for Budapest right now. This city is wonderful, and full of great incredible places to visit.

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Budapest offers many different styles altogheter like only Barcelona does. The city has been dominated for a long time by the Ottoman Empire which influenced some aspects of the city, while in the modern era the north east European style has predominated togheter with some further styles.
You can visit for example an impressive gothic parliament, or relax inside the Ottoman ancient Rudas baths, or even inside the more eccentric and liberty style Gellert baths. The Fisherman bastions are a nice example of a modern and alternative architecture, and, like a cherry on top, in the heart of Margaret island there is a real japanese garden.

Budapest at dusk seen from Gellert hill

Budapest at dusk seen from Gellert hill


One aspect i really appreciated was the temperament of Budapest citizens. They are very calm and modest. It was clear to me the great influence of the past times, the poverty and dictatorship, which probably forced these people to retract themselves more than what they would have wanted. Of course it’s easy to find drunk guys and homeless people too, however, what city is free of them? While walking back and forth i personally felt calm and relaxed, everything was well kept. I really appreciated and enjoyed the experience, and i feel the maximum respect for hungarian people in general. I furtherly thanks them for allowing me to enjoy their beautiful and romantic capital

Chain bridge at sunset with people resting on a public bench

Chain bridge at sunset with people resting on a public bench


When i visit an european city, i always have a great expectation about the cleanliness of streets and places in general. Well, i have been nicely satisfied with Budapest. It looks like a little big jewel for which its citizens show a great respect

I furtherly love wide cities and great spaces in general which make me feel in a never ending place, and Budapest is right on the wide side. It’s full of large panoramic spots, and both the river and the bridges are majestic. When you walk over a bridge it seems to never end. I love it……it makes the walk endless and romantic….



For a list of the best spots to take pictures check my article:


I enjoyed the view from the Gellert hill at dusk, or the terrace of Fisherman Bastions with the view over the parliament at sunset, or the parliament itself seen from the other bank at night with all the cruiseships going back and forth. Not talking about all the views from the majestic bridges and, like a cherry on top, a hidden, beautiful japanese garden inside Margaret island, a very relaxing amusement park where, with the excuse of visiting it, one can rent a bike instead of going on foot


Tripadvisor greatly helped me with it. I found an extended selection of very good and cheap restaurants. It seems like hungarian people really like the good kitchen. I have particuarly appreciated some desserts and the duck meat, all at an affordable price. The places were all elegant and also full of young people as well

View of the Japanese Garden of Budapest during the Momijigari of October

View of the Japanese Garden of Budapest during the Momijigari of October


It doesn’t matter if you want to collect some great shots or just enjoy a romantic trip with your partner while eating some nice food…whatever you want to do, i’m sure Budapest will satisfy your expectations!

Thanks for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Budapest: 5 good reasons to visit this city

  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog through Flickr. I have to agree that Budapest is a very special city with stunning views. Love your photos of the Chain Bridge and Fisherman’s Bastion.

    Posted by schnitzelundschnaps | February 7, 2015, 8:32 am

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