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Copenhagen: 7 good reasons to visit this city

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This year i had the I know people who don’t like Copenhagen. However, after visiting it, i have found 7 good reasons to say that it is a great city, and today, i will explain this.

I personally believe more that people should learn how to be a wise tourist before departing just because they found a cheap flight….



DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case the absence of errors or the freshness of the informations reported. For this reason he strictly invites any reader to also search for more informations about the same arguments inside other external sources, and to report any eventual mistake to the author through the Contact page on this website. In any case the author will not be responsible for any action committed by anyone following the reading of the informations reported inside this article


In the last years, i have learned with the experience how to really enjoy a city

It is common infact, to see many tourists out there costantly searching for an Eiffel tower or a Big Ben tower in every corner of cities they visit. If there’s no such a monument to see, they get in panic and don’t know what to do and where to go.

This is probably due to a wrongly planned point to point approach, where a long and mostly useless list of monuments governs their entire trip

It’s a shame….More than for popular monuments or museums, i personally believe that every city should be visited for a greater and most important aspect, its atmosphere.

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The first aspect of Copenhagen i appreciated has been the transportation system togheter with the airport. Copenhagen is very comfortable and easy to reach. The Kastrup airport itself has a great architecture, and passionist photographers will find a chance to take some good shots and start their photographic adventure right from here.

To reach the city i found a very fast train close to the terminals, and reaching the centre of the city required less than twenty minutes. This is the reason why Copenhagen is the perfect choice for a touch and go, like in the case of passengers waiting for a second connecting flight to a final destination, thus having some hours of spare time to spend.

The last time i arrived at the airport at lunch and had to wait for the second flight to Reykjavik which departed around six o clock. In half a day i was able to enjoy the entire centre of the city without taking any transport, apart from the train itself.

Following is the official page of  transportation instruction to and from the Kastrup airport 

Following, more interesting transportation informations about Copenhagen


I though Spain and Holland were the unique relaxing places of Europe, but i was wrong….I have been lucky to find a good weather, and i saw many people getting around with their bicycles, or lying on the grass inside amusement parks to relax

I visited the amusement park in the very centre of the city, house of the royal palace of Copenhagen known as Rosenburg Castle. Inside it there was a special area for kids that included some curious and very funny dragons statues which i used to take some funny shots with my friends.

The park itself is enriched with tall trees and surrounded by typical danish houses with different shades of pastel colors and tall roofs. It would be a nice idea to bring a towel and join other people who lie on the grass, although it is also pleasant to just walk around and take some good pictures.



The new harbour of Copenhagen called Nyhavn, was full of cafes to relax for a while and enjoy the atmosphere. While there, i was fascinated by the colors of the houses and the sunset light shining through the harbour itself.

This place is a popular sight of the city and presents some nice ancient ships along the deck, a fascinating piece of history.

DSC_5986 (1)


The Mermaid statue is a popular spot of Copenhagen, but after visiting the city, i can say it’s the last thing i would visit again, and it’s probably one of the main reason this city is underrated. For most tourists, this statue is a disappointment.

I found it to be worst attraction of the city, placed in the wrongest place i have ever seen for a monument….Getting a nice picture of this statue is struggling. It was surrounded by the emptiness of the deck of the large harbour area of the city, with the addition of some ugly factories chimneys in the background, which inevitably finish to appear inside the pictures

visit_copenhagen_sunset_romantic_mermaid (3)

However, based on what i saw on some postcards, i found interesting to visit the Mermaid in the winter with the snow, especially during the sunrise. In this case the scenario becomes more dramatic.

Apart from the Mermaid itself, i found the area of the harbour pretty cool and relaxing. It includes some nice sights, among which the deck itself in front of the Amalie Gardens, where i saw some great ships, a further amusement park area with a panoramic view of the harbour, and, on the way back to the city, the square of the royal palace of Amalienborg, where i got some funny shots with the guards marching back and forth in a typical english style

visit_copenhagen_sunset_romantic_mermaid (4)


If one is a beer lover Copenhagen is a good choice. Along the main streets i found many different pubs, some of them offering a beer for few bucks. A popular place to find them is the street from Rosenburg park to Nyhavn, pleasant and quite crowded. The exact street name seems to change while proceeding. Hoping not to be wrong, it’s called Gothersgade at the beginning, and Kongensnytorv while approaching the Nyhavn harbour

In getting around i have furtherly appreaciated the kindness of people. We were in trouble and some of them, including a homeless guy, after seeing that we were confused, came to help us….for me it’s an important factor when judging a city, and this is just a further positive score point in favor of Copenhagen

visit_copenhagen_sunset_romantic_mermaid (2)


Copenhagen at present time is offering an interesting attraction, that is certainly not the Mermaid statue, but the polar white bear in the zoo! Someone out there has rightly though to bring back home such a giant for our pleasure. It is possible to watch it face to face thanks to a wide pool where it swims back and forth in front of visitors, at least from what i saw on internet….Anyway, i wasn’t able to visit it, having the flight to Iceland after few hours, and for now i can only plan to come back to the Copenhagen zoo in the future

Following, tt is possible to find more info on the Copenhagen zoo at its the official page



Personally, to visit this city i opted out for a “walk around” approach, instead of the typical, old style and hard to die, “monument by monument” plan. I preferred to put more emphasis on the atmosphere and the place itself more than on the single monument. I liked it and i will be pleased to visit it again

Here is a further article by Lonely Planet, Top 10 reasons to love Copenhagen

While the following one is a good guide to eat frugally, “Eating frugally in Copenhagen”

Thanks for reading!


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