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Iceland: how to find Bruarfoss waterfalls

bruarfoss iceland waterfall

Today i will show through a map and step by step instructions how to visit and find the Bruarfoss waterfalls, with direction and exact location




DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case the absence of errors or the freshness of the informations reported. For this reason he strictly invites any reader to also search for more informations about the same arguments inside other external sources, and to report any eventual mistake to the author through the Contact page on this website. In any case the author will not be responsible for any action committed by anyone following the reading of the informations reported inside this article


Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland...the water is blue like the eyes of a human

Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland…the water is blue like the eyes of a human

The Bruarfoss waterfalls are situated along the the road 355 of Iceland, which is the same one to Geysir and Gullfoss. They are small but still very pleasant, and present a nice blue color, togheter with a whirlpool beneath the bridge situated on top of them.

They are located close to the main road which takes from the Thingvellir park to Geyser and Gullfoss, and so, quite comfortable to reach, especially for those making the Golden Circle tour.

Respect to the other waterfalls, they are a little bit more tricky to be found, and this is the reason why i have though about writing a specific article regarding it.

In the end, although they are not that huge, i consider the Bruarfoss waterfalls among my most favourite ones, thanks to the impressive vibrant colour, the great whirlpool effect, and the fact that they are less popular among tourists

iceland bruarfoss waterfalls 2


I have found 2 different options to find these waterfalls, and following i’m reporting both of them for mere information. In both cases i also consider useful if possible to ask to some locals for more informations, just to stay more safe and avoid to move steps into private or dangerous areas:


This path has been suggested to me by a guy called Runar G. who seems to live around there, who contacted me to inform about this. He indicated me that it is possible to leave the car close to the Bruar river, and to proceed on foot, by also crossing the fence through a wooden ladder that has been left there to help tourists.

This option, looks like the most reliable of the two, and by following this path, it should be possible to also visit the other 2 secondary waterfalls indicated below

This is the map which describes this path, provided by my contact Runar G.

Possible map to Bruarfoss

Possible map to Bruarfoss


This is just a secondary option which i followed because at that time i wasn’t aware yet of the option 1. I’m reporting it just for information.

This is what i did:

  • Follow the road 355 toward Geysir
  • Turn left after reaching the house residential complex called Brekkuskogur which is also visible on Google Maps
  • Follow the road til the end to reach a very small car park
  • Leave the car here and enter inside the area on the left
  • Follow the path on the right which took me over a bridge
  • Go beyond the little bridge and continue to follow the path through the little wood until arriving to a second bridge
  • The waterfall was here

IMPORTANT NOTE: there was a fence, and in some points it looked broken. I have still not understood if someone has tried to limit the access to Bruarfoss. Despite that, i have found 2 groups of trekkers who were coming back from the waterfall by passing through the fence, reason why in the end i decided to do the same. Anyway, do it at your own risk, i’m personally afraid this area has become private, and only residents can access it.

I think the best thing to do is eventually to reach the car park indicated above and ask to local people for more precise informations, or possibly, to follow option 1

iceland bruarfoss where is how to go location


These are some other posts where i found further instructions by people who visited it




Thanks for reading!


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18 thoughts on “Iceland: how to find Bruarfoss waterfalls

  1. Lovely blog, I would love to see these waterfalls thanks for introducing them to me.

    Posted by waterfallsplusme | December 15, 2014, 5:48 pm
  2. Off to Iceland in February, so I hope to get to these beautiful liitle falls. Excellent precise directions. Thanks.


    Posted by Tony Burgum | January 18, 2015, 10:07 am
  3. Nice waterfalls, I love them. Iceland me coming

    Posted by waterfallsplusme | February 5, 2015, 3:31 pm
  4. How long was the walk? Thanks for the details.

    Posted by Tory Grimaldi | March 9, 2015, 4:24 pm
  5. There are no trespassing laws in Iceland and so it is illegal to block access to any person- its legal to put up fencing to keep animals in or out but the fencing must be passable and not locked.

    Posted by ICEP | February 9, 2016, 9:06 pm
  6. I came across this while in Iceland and trying to find Bruarfoss. Helped some but was still tricky. I filmed some directions on how I was able to find it and you can find them in this vlog https://goo.gl/RbFVEo

    Posted by David Britnell (@djbritnell) | December 14, 2016, 7:59 pm
  7. My Icelandic friend told us people may access all areas of Iceland without trespassing as well. That although it is private lands there are laws allowing everyone to enjoy it. I do not know the specifics, but he owns an entire mountain and a guesthouse and while we stay with him we saw lots of people trekking to see the puffins on his sea cliffs. That is how the conversation came about.

    Posted by famfuntravels | March 7, 2017, 1:25 am
  8. Tour companies that take you to this waterfall do not have permits or permission from landowners.
    They literally make you step over a knocked down fence and guide you through maze of broken trees and muddy terrain.
    These tours have ruined this once beautifull site because some douchebags with a shelf company think they are above the law.
    Park near the road, walk along side the river. It’s a long trek but worth it.
    Be safe and respect the area.

    Posted by Arnar Steinn Pálsson | March 20, 2017, 12:52 pm
    • Hi Arnar thanks for your feedback…somehow i agree with you…”trespassing” an area as a simple and respectable tourist to enjoy something that should be accessible to anyone i believe is still fine….trespassing it to earn money could be not acceptable anymore….however, i personally and still don’t understand why people need a tour to visit places….laziness…..what a wonderful thing…

      Posted by Moyan Brenn | March 20, 2017, 12:58 pm
  9. Thank you for this very helpful info! We plan to follow your friend Runar’s advice and park next to the road and enjoy the walk along the river from there, so as not to disrespect private property. It appears to be about 2 miles each way, based on Google maps. I have a question for him: It appears that your map suggests we should walk along the right side of the river (rather than the left), correct? Also, is there a pretty well-marked (or well-walked) pathway along the river? I realize we won’t get lost this way but I am wondering what the terrain might be like, particularly in early spring (March next year). Thanks.

    Posted by Wendy | April 16, 2017, 3:01 pm
    • Never mind my last post. 🙂 I’ve been doing some reading and I see that you should definitely walk on the right side. I’m also aware that conditions in March along the path might prevent us from going, but we will try our best. My only concern is parking along the side of the road without getting our car stuck in the mud :-).

      Posted by Wendy | April 16, 2017, 5:27 pm


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