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Can’t believe it but finally, Ryanair and Vueling (and probably further companies too), together with the free handluggage with standard dimension 55*40*20, now allows to bring also a small handbag
with dimension 35*20*20

DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case the absence of errors or the freshness of the informations reported. For this reason he strictly invites any reader to also search for more informations about the same arguments inside other external sources, and to report any eventual mistake to the author through the Contact page on this website. In any case the author will not be responsible for any action committed by anyone following the reading of the informations reported inside this article

I’m really amazed by this news. I will never forget how uncomfortable was to fly with Ryanair, being forced to put EVERYTHING, and when i say EVERYTHING i really mean EVERYTHING inside the handluggage.

Nothing more was allowed, even the usual woman handbag. Everything should have been put inside the unique handluggage, and lot of passengers really got pissed off by this condition

Finally, now tourists are free to bring with them a second handbag with the usual content like a photocamera, their pocket, their documents, money, or whatever things they like in respect of the terms and conditions of course

The other great news is that there’s even no weight limit for the handbag, on the countrary of the standard handluggage which present the usual 10Kg limit

What to say, aaaaah, i feel so happy….

From Ryanair terms and conditions:

“One cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms may be carried per passenger”

Source: HERE

I have found the same happening also with Vueling, where it is specified that together with the standard 55*40*20 handluggage, it is possible to bring e further handbag with a smaller dimension, although they don’t specify it like Ryanair does. It’s possible to check Vueling terms and conditions by clicking HERE, while following, it’s the statement extracted from their website:

From Vueling terms and conditions:

“In addition, the Passenger may carry one extra item free of charge and which must be significantly smaller than 55x40x20 cm, such as a small briefcase, a handbag or camera”

Source: HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE: please keep in mind that every day flight companies can change their terms and conditions. For this reason, it’s foundamental to check their official website. I can’t guarantee that this will be valid forever.

Thanks for reading!

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