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I am Moyan Brenn an over 10 years experienced photography enthusiast born in Anzio in 1983, a small italian town near Rome, internationally awarded in the past by World Photography Organisation and Lonely Planet, and official partner of Adobe (note: Adobe contacted me in 2014 to acquire some of my images and to let me become his partner, after finding my website and recognizing the quality of my works)

I have never worked in the photography field, as this is only pure art for me, reason for which I like to define myself a free artist photographer. In this sense, photography for me is just something to enjoy when i am inspired, not when someone pays me. In my real life i am an IT Security Consultant

I started to make some experiments with a compact camera in 2005, after getting impressed to see for the first time a digital image on a big LCD screen.

However, while at the beginning i looked at photography only as a travel instrument, day by day i realized that i literally needed to express something from my heart with it. It was something related to the beauty of colors of our world such as those of a sunset or those of an aurora borealis.

And this is when, in 2009, i started to conceive photography from a more artistic point of view. I tried to improve my skill until i made the giant step in 2010 when i purchased my first reflex, to furtherly improve the capabilities of my equipment, by also continuing to learn everything by myself, as i have always done.

For me, skill is something to improve with years of sacrifices and experiments on th field, not in a classroom in few months

During these years, my pictures have been approved and used by many popular names like Adobe, Lonely Planet, Business Insider, Yahoo, CNN, Alitalia, Huffington Post and more, and also on more than 10.000 legal and unique websites, based on Google statistics recently collected

Furthermore, in 2012 i started a travel blog where i talk about my world trips and some photography techniques and tips, which has suddenly increased in popularity after i published a special article where i explain to people how to see the aurora borealis in Iceland, at the point that even CNN in 2013 interviewed me on the matter

At present time, my gallery has received more than 50 millions of views, while every day i’m receiving 150 unique visitors on my Flickr gallery, further 200 unique visitors on my blog who often add me also on Facebook, and each month an average of almost 200 new websites start to use my photos, based on Google statistics.

People often ask me which camera I use, believing that shooting is just a question of good cameras, but nobody asks me for how long i have mastered photography before becoming what i am…..simply speaking……years of sacrifices and training….that’s it…..the idea of the “good camera” is just an illusion……

In particular, this could surprise some, but mine is just a cheap, old, non full frame reflex camera, a Nikon D7000, with which I’m absolutely in love.

In this sense, technique and sacrifice is the main secret behind my results.

Colors and lights are what inspire me most. I love a burning sky during a sunset, or when the sunbeam light up the forest after a stormy night, or even the city neon light’s reflection in a puddle. Many times, I even consider colors and lights more important than the subject itself.

For this reason, i am not specialized in a specific style. I like to shoot to everything and to everyone, no matters what. Wherever i can see a good light, for me it’s a great opportunity to shoot.

What i always believe is….don’t learn a photography style…..learn how to use your camera and focus attention on light more than on the subject, and you will be great in any style…

I consider myself more a “community based” photographer, who prefer to follow hidden talented people, those you will never hear about on TV, more than the usual masters of the past…..Most people know this approach with the term “talent scouting”.

I believe that each one of us can be a master for someone else, and that we all have a hidden great talent….it’s just a question of believing on it, and get a great result…..that’s it….

I love when often people get astonished while seeing my pictures…in that moment, i know that i am trasmitting something in their hearts….When this happens, it makes my day!

NOTE: Thanks to “Hiking on the Moon” by Quechua, for collaborating in developing the text of my biography



– in 2005 i have made my very first shot with a HP digital compact camera of my aunty! (in 2015 ten years!!!)

– In 2006 i have bought my very first compact digital camera

– in 2008 i have opened my official flickr gallery as premium user

– in 2009 i have bought my very first reflex

– in March 2011 i have been for the first time the teacher of a photography course

– In 2011 and 2012 i have realized 2 of my most important dreams, seeing the Grand Canyon and the Northern Lights (Aurora)

– in January 2012 Alitalia engaged me as official photographer for the very last flight of the Mad Dog 80 with the participation of the Italian National Acrobatic Patrol (PAN, or Frecce Tricolori) of which i took rare footage pictures not from the ground but directly from the sky

– in the last years almost 50 people have donated money for my pictures

– in 2013 i have been engaged as one of the main artist for the annual Baltimora photography Exhibition called Artscape

– as per November 2013 my gallery has reached almost 10 millions of views

– as per June 2013 my pictures have been used in some hundreds of websites and blogs

– in the last 2 years I have been featured in the mainpage of the website LonelyPlanet many times with my pictures of Paris and Bryce Canyon

– in January 2013 i have been engaged as a member of the jury of the italian photography competition of the American Beachhead anniversary in Anzio to which more than one hunderds of photographers participated

– in september 2013 Lonely Planet has selected me as one of the photographers of the month for their postcard section on their monthly magazine called Travellers

– Still in September 2013 the CNN interviewed me to discover more about my Aurora borealis works, and to ask for help to see it in Iceland

– John Hooper, a famous journalist of the newspaper The Guardian of England, has choosen my picture of Rome for his biography

– Every year my pictures are used for university works by students everywhere in the world, from Spain to Illinois

– in April 2014 i have become a photography contributor for the project realized by the official tourism office of Greenland called “Connect Iceland & Greenland”

– in May 2014, the deutsch writer Almut Irmscher published her new book set in Scotland with one of my pictures of Dunnotar castle as the main book cover

– in June 2014 Alitalia engaged me for a second time to take photos of their Airbus during the Exhibition of the Italian Airshow of Ostia 2014

– in August 2014 the scottish government has released a justice document called “the digital strategy for justice in Scotland” using my pictures for the background

– in August 2014 the brand “Jess Hall” from Texas has released a series of products of seasoned salt for large distribution called “Serendipity” using one of my picture as the main theme for their product label

– In October 2014 the Hungarian Embassy in Spain has used one of my Budapest pictures as the main header for their official facebook page

– During the year 2014 the writer Gigi Griffis has used my pictures for her travel book guides front or back covers

– In December 2014 i have won the international WPO contest Global Encounters Stories

– In January 2015 i have been invited to join with a picture to the hands exhibition inside the Estonian museum of Ice Age

– In January 2015, the Adobe company has bought some of my pictures to realize new official tutorials for their new version of Photoshop by letting me officially become his partner

– In April 2015, i have been appreciated by the icelandic singer Bjork who told me on Twitter, after finding one of my pictures of Iceland by herself “Well then I would have to tell you I’m quite chuffed!! And you are a wonderful author!”

– Since 2013, i have become quite popular on the web for my aurora borealis (northern lights) and Iceland guide articles inside my travel blog earthincolors.com, by getting hundreds of views every day

– in July 2015 the Public Library of Oakville, for the 11th edition of the Writing Contest for Teenagers, selected my picture as the source of inspiration for the participants

– In August 2016 i have been elected as photographer of the week by ApogeePhoto Magazine

– In the last period some of my pictures reached thefirst positions on Google Images, such as for the keywords Tokyo, Paris, Antelope Canyon and Iceland. (in particular, for a period, I have found my Tokyo picture to be in very 1th position in the entire world)

– in August 2016 the Scandinavian Airlines SAS, contacted me to use one of my photo in their official website

– In 2016 Red Bull, Vanity Fair, Trip Advisor official blog started to use my photos

– As per these last days new websites each day are starting to use my pictures, at a high monthly ratio, as I found from Google Analytics

– New updates will be added periodically


Nikon 35mm f1.8 prime lens
Nikon 16-85 VR f3.5-5.6
Nikon 55-200 VR f4-5.6
2 Hoya ND8 filters
Tripod Cullman Nanomax


Following is the list of people who donated for my artworks and photography projects to support me. I strongly thanks them so much for what they did, if Moyan Brenn exists, is also thanks to their effort.

Reanna Bakke
Zachary Blackburn
Gunther Segers
Stephanie Cruz
Nick Collett
Oriol Gual
Greg Anderson
Redakcja portalu
Codegram Technologies SL
Sarah Youssi
Ilan Kirschenbaum
ADS – SG inc.
John/jack McCabe
Daria Kutuzova
Frank Wagner
John Hooper (journalist of “The Guardian” newspaper)
Markus Mayer
Bruce Kurnow
Madeline Ebelini
John Ridout
Margie West
Fabio Salvini
Association Agora’ of Albano
Eric Williams (Inkable.com.au)
Doris Treptow
Antonia Rusinov
Jennifer Cheng
Line Eintveit (www.Kolon.no)
Beth Barany
Cristian Rodo & Michela Savio
Inigo Media Ltd
Elliot & Amanda Wilson (journalist)
Kelly (Maline Magazine)
Margie Schramke
Luisa Spano’
Afar Media
Sam Young
Kimberly Farkas
Elena Pini
Kim Pratt (from HealthyPsych.com)
Jon Brooks (from Youtube.com/jonbrookscomposer)
Małgorzata Panek
David Mercuri (Freedom Gym)
Roberta Calzolaio
Normanns Kunstforlag (www.normanns.no)
Rob Wilson (www.robwilsonart.co.uk)
Alessia Aletta (www.romanjourneys.com)
Sara Mascigrande
Levyx, Inc.
Zed (Zvi Lavi Rosenblatt)
Carol Preibis
Hakon – Inadrop
Duff Davis


4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME / BIOGRAPHY

  1. Ho visto la tua foto di un cavallo a Sibilini nel Flickr e sono venuta direttamente qui 🙂 Tu lavoro mi piace moltissimo. Saluti, Paula

    Posted by Paula | October 4, 2013, 7:37 am
  2. Hello Moyan!
    Wow- what a great site you have here! I am from Rhode Island USA, and I am planning a group meditation retreat to Iceland for 2015 and part of the reason I chose Iceland is my burning desire to see the Northern Lights as well. Your articles are very helpful and I will read them in depth to figure out the best time for us to travel there. I have been to Iceland in 2005 for a job (I was hired to paint a verse on the walls of the Chapel at the Navy base which is no longer there.) It was May and I don’t recall much darkness at all. I was thinking of going in February or April next year. Are you planning on going to Iceland again in 2015?

    I also am a believer of helping people in poverty and I am on the board of an organization – Hands In Outreach. We sponsor the education of very poor girls in Kathmandu, Nepal. I travel there every 18 months to do work for them as well as trek the Himalayans. I am leading a group of 12 sponsors this November so they can visit their child and see the situation in Nepal. I will also trek to Everest base camp.

    I see you are from Italy! I will be in Amalfi this April 19-26th with a group trip. My sister speaks Italian and is leading this trip with me. We are very much looking forward to seeing the coast!!

    Carolyn Schmitz

    Posted by carolyn | March 29, 2014, 2:05 pm
  3. Hi Moyan,
    Your pictures inspire me as I prepare to start my next book. The pictures tell a story all alone and when I study them, I begin to form a story around each one that strikes my imagination.
    Thank you for allowing the use of your wonderful pictures of the world we live in but rarely take the time to enjoy.

    Sharon Dwyer
    The Fantasmagorical Forest

    Posted by Sharon Dwyer | September 20, 2015, 4:07 pm


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