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Write a travel diary: 15 ideas to do it

Today i’ll write my best tips and good original ideas on how to write a travel diary, what to write inside a good travel diary, and why it is great to do it! Writing a travel diary often allows people to maintain better memories of a journey, and to better preserve the emotions during time … Continue reading

Visit Iceland: 8 romantic things to do

Today i suggest my favourite best 7 romantic things to do in Iceland together or for the honeymoon, based on my recent experience of my 3 journeys in Iceland So here we go with the Top 7 romantic list!

Travel in Iceland: 10 wrong urban legends

Today i talk about some Iceland urban legends to which someone can believe before traveling in Iceland, like how much is cold and is Iceland the land of ice? I’m really in love with this country, and i have already visited it three times (last time in September 2016)

Northern Lights: 12 wrong urban legends

Today i’ll talk about urban legends of aurora borealis, which i found to be quite untrue, like if northern lights are only visible in winter, or when it is cold For more informations about the best period to see northern lights and how to organize a trip, i have written an extensive guide dedicated in … Continue reading

Photography: my guide to get better sharp pictures

I wrote this article with the intention to put togheter all my knowledge and all the tips I know to get better sharp pictures while using a reflex camera. I have written this article in form of a personal diary, to remind myself everything i learned in the past years

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