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Photography: my best 15 tips for better results

During my over 10 years of experience in photography,I learned many useful tips to improve my results. Therefore today i’d like to share my tips with my readers DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in pure amateur form with a mere recreational, personal, non profit intention. Therefore, the author cannot guarantee in any case … Continue reading

Ice caves in Iceland: my complete guide + FAQs

Back from Iceland for 3th time, today i talk about where are ice caves in Iceland, if it’s dangerous to visit them, and companies which organize ice cave tours. My article is based on my experience and what I have found on internet. Entering inside an ice cave for the first time is a scaring experience. … Continue reading

Photography: my guide to get better sharp pictures

I wrote this article with the intention to put togheter all my knowledge and all the tips I know to get better sharp pictures while using a reflex camera. I have written this article in form of a personal diary, to remind myself everything i learned in the past years

Visit Antelope Canyon: my photography guide

In this article i’ll talk about my photography experience in the Antelope Canyon, how i used my reflex camera, the settings I used, and some useful precautions. When I visited this place I felt like a little Indiana Jones…It’s misterious, silent, colorful and unreal…..It’s a huge rock fracture with great light games, technically called “slot … Continue reading

Iceland: my photography guide to visit Jokulsarlon

Back from Iceland Jokulsarlon for the 2th time, today i give some great tips to visit and photograph the Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon, also with northern lights. Most people get there just to see the beautiful scenery, while others aim to take an unforgettable shot of the northern lights over the glacier lagoon itself in the … Continue reading

Photography: tips for a better sunset picture

Sunset picture are something apparently easy. However, they can also be very boring. So today i want to give some great tips to make a more interesting sunset. In particular, I want to talk about my secret to take a nice burning sunset picture…Sometimes it is possible to see a sky which seems to burn … Continue reading

Iceland: my photography guide of Blue Lagoon + FAQs

Today i’ll talk about some photography tips and suggestions to use inside the Blue Lagoon to take great pictures. This place is one of the most appreciated of this country, and although a little bit crowded, it still presents a pleasant and surreal atmosphere YOU CAN ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR HELP! READ MY OTHER ICELAND … Continue reading

Northern Lights in Iceland: my full guide to see them

Welcome to my full guide about how to see and photograph the northern lights in Iceland, the best places, period, months and hours,and some WRONG urban legends. I will also write about some more advanced topics related to the northern lights such as why the northern lights appear in the sky, their relation with the … Continue reading

Paris: my favourite places to see at sunset

  Today I’ll talk about Paris, and, in particular, about some good places to better enjoy some romantic moments and take some nice sunset pictures. There is something special in this city, everything looks big and perfectly represents the French grandeur….. The picture at the beginning of this article has been taken from the terrace … Continue reading

Visit Iceland: 20 things to know before going + FAQs

Today i talk about my travel experience in Iceland, with some important things to know before going, and lot of tips, like how to drive and best period to go. Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to visit this place, due to some particular aspects which can find people unprepared…I’m going to discuss … Continue reading

Visit Budapest: 6 great panoramic spots to photograph

Today i’ll talk about some great panoramic spots to visit and to take beautiful pictures of Budapest, both at sunset and even in the night.

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