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Tokyo by night: the good and the dark side

Back from Japan, in this article I will talk about my very first experience in Tokyo, and in particular, of what I appreciated more and less of this vibrant city the first night i walked along its streets. Tokyo in my opinion, is certainly one of those cities that made us always dream for years, … Continue reading

Kyoto: a one-day visit to Ohara

Today I will tell about my visit to Ohara, a popular district in the outskirts of Kyoto, by also providing some instructions to get to this place, which is located in the north-east of Kyoto, and which presents some very interesting Buddhist temples, in a rural and less touristic japanese atmosphere.

Visit temples of Kyoto: 5 ways to do it better

Back from Japan, today i would like to suggest 5 ways to better enjoy a visit in the temples of Kyoto as well as in the temples of the rest of Japan, to better feel all the emotions these places can give to a visitor, even the one not particularly interested in religion and spirituality. YOU CAN … Continue reading

Tokyo: 5 great places to visit in the night

Today i’ll show 5 places of Tokyo which are great to photograph and visit in the night, thanks to their atmosphere which is particularly vibrant in the night. YOU CAN ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR HELP! READ MY OTHER JAPAN GUIDES, BLOG MENU, JAPAN SECTION ——->> VISIT MY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE DISCLAIMER: the present article has been … Continue reading

Visit Kyoto in Autumn: 10 great places + FAQs

Japan in autumn is beautiful with the red maples (koyo/momijigari). So today I suggest 10 great places to visit in autumn in Japan and give lot of useful tips. Autumn is a colorful and perfect season to visit Japan and Kyoto. In November 2014 i visited Japan and had the chance to enjoy the colors … Continue reading

Japan: 10 great reasons to visit it

Today i’ll talk about why Japan is a great country to visit, with the 10 things i have really liked, including the Kyoto temples, and the japanese food. I have organized my journey with the intention of capturing 2 aspects of Japan,the spirituality of Buddhism and Shinto temples and shrines, and the colors of landscape … Continue reading

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