I spent the first years of my career in trying to learn photography with a little manual compact camera. Before switching to reflex cameras, i wanted to push myself as far as possible with a limited equipment, because i really believe that before relying on great equipment, one should learn how to improve his skill


This was my first camera with a 35mm-105mm lens. It’s an old compact camera popular at that time for being very capable of taking pictures in dark conditions, thanks to its bigger sensor respect to that of other compact cameras of the same level


One of the first cameras to have a wide angle lens mounted. A 24mm effective lens very useful in landscapes photography


My 2 little reflexes. They are not so good in dark conditions like a full frame camera, but they are still great and present both a cheaper price. After owning the D90, I decided to switch to the D7000 thanks to some useful improvements, among which:

  • an artificial horizon
  • a double memory slot for backing up in real time pictures
  • less shutter noise
  • a stealth mode called quiet mode
  • more AF points
  • more solid and tropicalized body
  • a better noise management at high ISO especially on blue channel
  • an in camera AF-Tune calibration function for autofocus
  • a more powerful LCD in dark conditions for a better manual autofocus

Nikon 35mm f1.8 prime lens

One of the cheapest and still great lens out there. It’s a half way between a landscape and a portrait lens, capable of producing a great blurry background thanks to its wide aperture

Nikon 16-85 VR f3.5-5.6

The perfect lens for traveling although a little bit limited in zooming. I couldn’t live without it. My all year round lens

Nikon 55-200 VR f4-5.6

There’s always a nice reason to use a zoom, it could be a football match or a day at the zoo, reason why i decided to buy this lens


NOTE: i don’t use Photoshop, for those wondering


Capture One for me is a great software, especially from version 8. I find it easy to use and high in processing quality. I still remember the first day I used it. It took me just few hours to learn it perfectly, especially compared to other popular softwares which i tried

I usually work with it by using RAW formats instead of jpg

Here is a list of my reasons to prefer it:

  •  i can better manage antinoise and sharpness filter, my using “local adjustment”
  •  i can better recover and work with colors
  •  more dynamic range to recover a washed out sky or a very dark area
  •  no risk of posterization in case of contrast modifications (typical stripes effect in the sky on jpg pictures)
  • high quality and very fine details jpg developement respect to the in-camera compressed file


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