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Visit Iceland: 8 romantic things to do

Today i suggest my favourite best 7 romantic things to do in Iceland together or for the honeymoon, based on my recent experience of my 3 journeys in Iceland So here we go with the Top 7 romantic list!

Iceland: 5 useful tips to save money on food

People often ask me if food is expensive in Iceland, and how much I spent for food when I was in Iceland. So today, i will give 5 great tips to save your money. In particular, I’ll try to explain how i saved some money on food in Iceland during my 3 trips, in 2013, … Continue reading

Visit Iceland: 12 errors to avoid before going

Back from Iceland for the 3th time, today i talk about errors that people can make when travel in Iceland, and that can create problems, hoping to help someone.

Travel in Iceland: 10 wrong urban legends

Today i talk about some Iceland urban legends to which someone can believe before traveling in Iceland, like how much is cold and is Iceland the land of ice? I’m really in love with this country, and i have already visited it three times (last time in September 2016)

Northern Lights: 12 wrong urban legends

Today i’ll talk about urban legends of aurora borealis, which i found to be quite untrue, like if northern lights are only visible in winter, or when it is cold For more informations about the best period to see northern lights and how to organize a trip, i have written an extensive guide dedicated in … Continue reading

Iceland: 20 reasons to love or hate this country

Today i’ll talk about some special things of Iceland that you can love or hate, like is it Iceland very cold? Is Iceland expensive? is hard to drive in Iceland?

Iceland: my complete list of best places to visit

  Back from Iceland for the 3th time, today i’ll write a full list of my best favourite places to visit in Iceland, with lot of tips and indications to visit them YOU CAN ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR HELP! READ MY OTHER ICELAND GUIDES, RIGHT MENU, ICELAND SECTION ——->> VISIT MY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE Here … Continue reading

Ice caves in Iceland: my complete guide + FAQs

Back from Iceland for 3th time, today i talk about where are ice caves in Iceland, if it’s dangerous to visit them, and companies which organize ice cave tours. My article is based on my experience and what I have found on internet. Entering inside an ice cave for the first time is a scaring experience. … Continue reading

Iceland: how to find Bruarfoss waterfalls

Today i will show through a map and step by step instructions how to visit and find the Bruarfoss waterfalls, with direction and exact location YOU CAN ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR HELP! READ MY OTHER ICELAND GUIDES, RIGHT MENU, ICELAND SECTION ——->> VISIT MY OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE DISCLAIMER: the present article has been realized in … Continue reading

Iceland: my photography guide to visit Jokulsarlon

Back from Iceland Jokulsarlon for the 2th time, today i give some great tips to visit and photograph the Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon, also with northern lights. Most people get there just to see the beautiful scenery, while others aim to take an unforgettable shot of the northern lights over the glacier lagoon itself in the … Continue reading

Northern Lights in Iceland: my full guide to see them

Welcome to my full guide about how to see and photograph the northern lights in Iceland, the best places, period, months and hours,and some WRONG urban legends. I will also write about some more advanced topics related to the northern lights such as why the northern lights appear in the sky, their relation with the … Continue reading

Visit Iceland: 20 things to know before going + FAQs

Today i talk about my travel experience in Iceland, with some important things to know before going, and lot of tips, like how to drive and best period to go. Sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to visit this place, due to some particular aspects which can find people unprepared…I’m going to discuss … Continue reading

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